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Sailboat Racing Software

Sailboat Racing Software and State of the Art Displays

Ockam Instruments EyeApp Sailboat Racing Software running on an iPadOckamSoft 5 sailboat racing software addresses modern color graphics and the confluence of Ethernet, WiFi and Internet technologies, and the multiple devices that can exploit data from them. The display apps Race, EyeApp and Vysion are designed for different platforms, but all provide a consistent presentation of sailing data. You can run multiple instances of them at the same time, and they will all work together.

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Race is optimized for traditional PCs. See the video of OS5 Race features.
EyeApp™   (the mobile display app) is optimized for mobile devices. See EyeApp™ mobile display.
Vysion™     (the embedded display) is optimized for outdoor fixed displays (see Vysion color graphic display).

How OS5 Sailboat Racing Software improves your racing knowledge and success

  • Graphical display format increases situational awareness. As much as possible, OS5 displays information in graphical form. This condenses more data onto a single glance and makes vital information faster and easier to recognize and assimilate than numeric displays. See Graphical Display Pages.
  • Starting line. Provides important information to improve your starting.
    • Accurate estimates of when you will cross the line (burn time’).
    • Which end is favored and by how many seconds.
    • Where the wind is in its shift and puff range
    • The Dogleg Starting model for starting with an advantage (see Explanation and Video).
    • The Oculus Start graphic which keeps you within reach of the start (see Explanation and Video).
  • Wind information. OS5 presents true wind in several formats (What is true wind? and Why is it so important?). This information gives you an instant knowledge of where the wind is both geographically and in its shift and puff cycle (current and leftmost-rightmost laylines). There are also statistical outputs that include a measure of shift frequency and amplitude. Wind statistics help you decide whether or not you can gain by tacking on a shift (see Break-even tacking).
  • Performance monitoring. Winning means getting the most out of your boat at all times. If you don’t know what that is, you have at least one hand tied behind your back. Polars are one of the keys to knowing. OS5 includes a polar page which shows you in real time how you are doing relative to your polars. If you are really serious, you might consider analyzing your races to find out where you need to improve. The premier tool for race analysis is LogScanner™.

Learn more about the sailboat racing software pages available. See Sailing Graphic Displays.

OS5 is a set of applications that you can experiment with for free. It includes a simulator so you can play with it without the need for a live system. Real OS5 input can be from an Ockam system, or any NMEA stream from any instrument system. If you like what you see, you can get a license for the apps you want. Visit the OS5 download page…


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