Ockam Eye - Wireless data on the rail!

Numerous Ockam equipped boats have onboard computers linked to their instruments. Most reside at the nav station, occasionally with touchscreen monitors in the cockpit. Some boats are equipped with special purpose on-deck devices like our ESP or Sailmath’s Deckman. Certainly the benefit of an interfaced computer is significant but so is the cost and complexity, making it imperative to fully use the information without hindering or otherwise compromising the actual sailing of the boat: this is, in fact, quite a tall order.

Ockam Eye enables PocketPCs to affordably and wirelessly display and control your instrument system from the rail.
    The Eye PDA system:
  • Is compatible with ALL Ockam instrument systems. In fact, if your system outputs NMEA data, it'll work with that too (see the NMEAxlt application on the OS4 page).
  • Provides up to 20 pages of numeric or graphical information. Each page can contain up to 8 numeric or 4 grahical items.
  • Full instrument control including Cals, Averages and Options.
  • Built-in function controller.
  • Designed for finger-only operation where possible. Setup and some system control functions involving keyboard input may require the stylus.
  • Any number of PDAs can be used with the Eye system, but each requires a separate unlock code.
Eye shot

Requirements (including tested components)

Instrument system Tryad CPU or 001 CPU with 050 RS232 interface.
PDA PocketPC 2002 with 802.11b WLAN.
HP iPAQ 5450 with built-in WLAN.
Dell Axim X5 with Linksys WCF11 net card.
Toshiba e740 with built-in WLAN.
PC or Laptop Windows XP with COM: and Ethernet ports.
Wireless Access Point/Router Linksys BEFW11S4.

The Eye application runs as a demonstration (fully functional but short-lived) until registered.
Install it and try it out. If you like it, get your plastic and call or email us.
Details are included in the HowTo document.
And don't miss our OckamSoft 4 FAQ.

View the installation HowTo. (88Kb PDF).

Go to the OckamSoft 4 page to read the FAQ and download OS4 with Eye.

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