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Nexus Sailing Instruments and Marine Electronics

Nexus Marine Electronics

NexusMastheadNexus Marine electronics was formed in September 2006 out of the manufacturing arm of Silva Group.  Back in 1933 members of what subsequently became the Silva Group were integral in the creation of the liquid-filled compass, along with headlamps for hikers, climbers and trail runners. In the early 1980’s Silva launched it’s first Marine Electronics Instrument, and by 2004 they had established a production plant in China. In 2006 Fiskars Corporation acquired Silva, and in September of that same year Nexus Marine electronics was formed. Nexus manufactures instrumentation for racing and cruising yachts. While the company is known for it’s sailing instrumentation systems, it also supplies Silva marine compasses for any type of vessel.

In September 2012, Nexus was assimilated by Garmin.

Nexus Marine Instruments

Nexus Marine Instruments offer a broad spectrum of products from the NX range, for power and sail to the NX2 Analogue with classically styled needle displays and their top of the line NXR Nexus Marine instruments.  They also sell autopilots and transducers, including compass transducers as well as depth and log transducers.  They even offer GPS antennas.

Nexus Sailing Instruments

Nexus Sailing Instruments top of the line NXR Pacific Pack includes what you need to get basic sailing information. Advertised as suitable for everyone from club racer to top level skippers, this pack includes the following – 2 x NXR Multi Control instruments, an nWind Race Transducer, 43mm log and depth transducers, HPC compass, nGPS receiver, a NXR XL30 mast display instrument and all cabling. This would give you the basic sailing information you will need; boatspeed, heading, apparent and true wind, GPS data and a software package. However, it is missing some important items you should be aware of;

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