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An=seconds or An=-seconds
This function allows you to change the damping constant the system uses on many of the displays. The damping only affects the displays, and not the calculations. The argument <seconds> is the number of seconds it takes for the display <var> to go from an old value, 64% of the way to a new value. For example, if you set the boatspeed average to 10 seconds, and suddenly start traveling at 10 knots from rest, the boatspeed indicator would take 10 seconds to go from 0.00 knots to 6.40 knots. The table below gives the variables associated with each value of <var>, and the associated default value of <seconds>; the values the system uses unless you change them. Once you change a value, it will remain changed as long as the battery backup keeps the variable memory alive. For example, to change Boatspeed averaging to 6 seconds, send "A0=6".

On T1 systems, all averages are enumerated on the Status1 output.

On the T1, A<n>=0 sets averaging to none. Sending A<n>=-<seconds> (negative) switches the averaging function to butterworth filter with 3db point at <seconds>. Butterworth filters have a faster rolloff than conventional averaging (i.e. you get faster response and less delay, but there may be overshoot).

On the 001, the value of A can not be less than 1, and is an integer (i.e. A1=1.5 is A1=1).
Function Def A# Function Def A#
Boatspeed 6 0 Port LL Course Avg 5 16
Windspeed Apparent 6 1 Layline Vs Avg 25 17
Wind Angle Apparent 4 2 Upwind Bt Avg 15 18
Heel 10 3 Downwind Bt Avg 15 19
Windspeed True 8 4 Stbd LL Avg 5 20
Wind Angle True 8 5 Port LL Avg 5 21
VMG 600 6 Opposite Tack 10 22
Shift basis average 600 7 Heading 1 23
Puff basis average 25 8 VMC 10 24
Time to Laylines wind direction 5 9 Barometric pressure 25 25
Polar/Target true wind speed 5 10 Windspeed Axial (3D sonic) 2 26
Polar/Target true wind angle 5 11 Trim 10 27
Polar Boatspeed 5 12 Seastate 0 28
Target Boatspeed 5 13 Pitch rate 1 29
Wind Direction  8 14 Current Speed 0 30
Stbd LL Course Avg 5 15 Target Angle 0 31
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