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Winter Hibernation

Putting the boat away for the winter…It’s a sad time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. Unless you’re one of those die-hard few that keeps sailing your big boat in the winter, it’s time to put away the big toy until next spring. Most people are very

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On-board noise

There are many sources of noise on board a boat. Once the motor is off and the boat is under sail, things quiet down. Most of us don’t actively think of noises on the boat unless they become worrisome or annoying. The crew can be the most

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Too long has passed

It’s been quite a while since anything was written in this blog. It’s not for lack of subject matter – far from it. We’ve been working hard on making some new products, and they are finally coming closer to completion. One product is the new DeWiggler –

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A sigh of relief

The Newport-Bermuda 2008 boats are away, and the mad crunch is over. I am finally digging out of accumulated service work, and can start producing blog entries again! We have some exciting developments here at Ockam that I will be writing about in upcoming blogs. I also

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Seeing at night

Most of us don’t do a whole bunch of night sailing, except for the occasional distance race or when trying to make good distance on a cruise. Sailing at night opens up a whole bunch of new issues, and since we don’t get much practice doing, the

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Amiga computers

Hi everyone! It’s a busy time of year for the marine industry in the northern hemisphere. All the boats are coming out of their winter hibernation, and all the regattas are running. Things are heating up here, as evidenced by our shipping activity and our web statistics.

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Weather by phone

Many people are familiar with weather reports through a variety of media. We all supplement our day-to-day weather awareness with forecasts from the newspaper and TV news. The Internet has become a very popular way to get sailing weather, as it delivers the right information at the

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What are these polars anyway?

Ever hear someone talking about hitting their targets at the post-race party, and wonder why they were shooting at people? They’re not trying to shoot the competition, they’re just using polar plots of the boat’s performance to judge how they are performing against the boat’s potential in

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Free domestic shipping for Ockam U manuals

I resisted using the blog as an advertising tool as long as I could, but I figured this is as good a place as any to let people know about our deal for the Ockam U manual. When you order the Ockam U manual through our web

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Expedition update v5.2.2

For those of you out there that use Expedition to fulfill your racing software needs, there is an update available that addresses a funny bug when communicating to the Ockam system (especially T1 processors). It seems that during the background housekeeping that goes on during a graceful

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