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KWRW 2009 Results

Here are the final KWRW 2009 results for those boats known to have Ockam instrument systems: Swan 42: 1. Vitesse, Jon Halbert 2. Arethusa, Phil Lotz 3. Celeritas, Malcolm Gefter PHRF 1: 1. Primal Scream, Steven Stollman PHRF 2: 2. RUSH, Bill Sweetster Congratulations to the owners

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Key West Race Week 2009

It looks like this edition of the Key West Race Week will be a little down-scaled, with about half the usual entries. This doesn’t mean our support will be lacking, however. At least three of our dealers, Custom Offshore, Intrepid Marine Electronics, and Roell Marine Instruments will

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Maretron Compass Calibration

Our current favorite compass for use with the Ockam system is the Maretron SSC200. It is a 3-axis turn-stabilized electronic compass, and is relatively inexpensive. It is also widely available, so it can be obtained fairly easily (including through our Web Store). It can also be calibrated

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Lightning Damage

I wrote the following letter to the editor in response to the article titled “Keep Your Insurance Paid Up” in Scuttlebutt 2747: A lightning strike contains an impressive amount of energy. Temperatures in a lightning bolt can easily exceed those found on the surface of the sun,

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051L LANBridge

We have a new product here at Ockam, as you may have noticed on our main web site. It’s called the LANBridge, model number 051L. What does this product do? It attaches to the Ockam bus with the standard BNC connector, and provides all the data available

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What is upwash?

Here’s a term that is bandied about in sailing, but is commonly misunderstood: upwash. Many people think they understand what it is, but are wrong by 90 degrees. What do I mean by that? Most people hear the term upwash and take it for face value. It

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Detecting wind shear with your eyes

Wind shear… it’s that mysterious quality of the wind that can make or break your strategy in a race. Many people refuse to believe in the existence of wind shear, never mind its effects on sail trim. Much has been written on wind shear, especially here at

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Calibrating with DeWiggler

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The Ockam Knowledge Base

We have created a knowledge base for our user community. It is a place to ask questions, get answers and simply discuss use of the instrument system. The questions and answers will be kept accessible for future reference, so as we cover topics there, we will be

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Web Store Shipping

The web store software has been updated to allow use of shipping by the United States Postal Service. We can now ship by Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail Services, or Priority Mail Services. The software is still a little buggy, and may not allow processing of these

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