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Why Instruments? (HTML)
Ockam's Design Rationale (PDF)
Paddle/compass vs. GPS for performance
Why bother to have instruments on a sailboat? These documents give the answer.
Accessing the internet underway (PDF)
Setting up a network on a boat (PDF)
Ways to get internet connectivity while underway.
How the Ockam bus works (PDF) Description of the Ockam bus; voltages, power and signals
Magnetic Variation in the Ockam system (PDF) How magnetic variation is handled on the Ockam system.
Ockam symbology, or, what is Vs? (PDF) Description of the terms used in Ockam manuals
The Ockam Polar (PDF) How polars are organized.
Synopsis: doing your own boatspeed (PDF) Synopsis lets you get your hands on the raw data.
Polar development for OS4 (PDF) Describes the Ockam polar for developers
How Ockam Calculates things (PDF) Describes how Ockam calculates variables
Improved Instrumentation... (PDF) Dick McCurdy's 1970 thesis for an analog true wind computer
Instruments and Computers... (PDF) R. N. Gatehouse 1970 paper on early B&G true wind computer prototype

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