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System components Using the system
Software & Firmware
Calibration Scholarly
Troubleshooting & Service bulletins External links
OckamSoft 5 page (HTML)
OckamSoft 4 page (HTML)
OS4 manual (819k PDF)
Eye Wireless PDA page (HTML)
Speech goodies for OS4 (ZIP)
Polar development for OckamSoft (PDF)
Convert polars to Ockam Format (ZIP)
OS4 API, Polar source, Example code (ZIP)
OckamSoft resources
Expedition Onboard Software (external link) Expedition is the premier onboard software (other than OS4 of course)
T1 status toolkit (ZIP) Tool for looking at all the status data the T1 outputs
New style log file creator (ZIP)
T1 Delogger application (ZIP)
Tool to extract data from new style log files produced by the T1 or by the 001 when using the DataLogger application.
T1 graphical AutoCal Kit (ZIP) Tool and sample spreadsheet for creating and maintaining Autocal tables on the T1.
UDP broadcast monitor (1.6Mb SFX) Tool for troubleshooting the UDP broadcast.
.NET framework 2.0 Microsoft .NET framework. Required for Vysion setup. OS5 is moving to version 4
.NET framework 4.0 Microsoft .NET framework version 4.0. Required for OS5
T1 CF Formatter (479k ZIP) Tool for formating a CF card to accept T1 code
Updating T1 code (PDF 76k) Describes the steps needed to change the operating code on the T1.
T1 code Rev 20.03 (1/1/06 158k ZIP)
T1 code Rev 20.05 (5/13/08 178k ZIP)
T1 code Rev 20.09 (6/26/09 181k ZIP)
T1 executables. Revision 20.07 had a bug in the averaging routines, and has been withdrawn. If you have revision 20.07 installed, you should upgrade to 20.09..
How to install updates in the 001 (8/4/09 PDF) Procedure for installing firmware updates (EPROMS) in the 001 processor.
B&G's firmware dates (PDF) Listing of B&G's firmware updates. Lame.

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