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System components
Using the system
Installation Software & Firmware
Calibration Scholarly
Troubleshooting & Service bulletins External links

Functions tour (HTML) Tour of the system outputs grouped by type.
Hardware tour (HTML) Tour of the system hardware
Setting averages (HTML) How to adjust averages.
Sailing in the real world (HTML) Covers practical uses of instruments under real world conditions
Wind shear 101 (HTML)
The ShearOmometer device (111k PDF)
Introduction to wind shear, which is the thing that makes boatspeed and sail trim on opposite tacks different.
Polars (PDF) Describes polars and their use.
Two boat testing with Eye (PDF) How to use Eye and the UDP broadcast to get your sailing partner's instrument readouts on your boat.
Correcting wind direction during a tack (PDF) T1 has a new option to help eliminate wind direction drag during a tack. This paper explains how to set it up.
Documentation & Software
Ockam system manual (PDF) The Ockam system manual
T1 manual (284k PDF)
T1 quick-start guide (PDF)
How T1 calculates outputs (PDF)
Monitoring command input (PDF)
Applying sensor corrections (PDF)
The T1 native logger (PDF)
Using the T1 Status app (PDF)
The T1 AutoCal interface (PDF)
The T1 file transfer protocol (PDF)
Documentation for the T1 processor
Tryad T2 interface manual (119k PDF)
T2 quick-start guide (PDF)
Documentation for the T2 multiplex interface (boatspeed & wind)
The Vysion display processor (HTML) Root page for the new Vysion display.
Matryx page (HTML)
Matryx quick-start guide (PDF)
Cookbook for setting up the Matryx graphical display
Magnum page (HTML)
Magnum quick-start guide (PDF)
Cookbook for setting up the Magnum mast display
Tag List (HTML) List of all tags used by the system
Remote commands (PDF) Technical discussion of the remote command syntax
Logging with HyperTerminal (PDF)
Datalogger produces new style log files on the 001 (ZIP)
Using the T1 Logger (PDF)
T1 Delogger application (ZIP)
Logging and delogging data from the system
Controlling the Ockam system (HTML) Commands that affect how the Ockam system operates
ESP handeld manual (254k PDF) Manual for the ESP handheld
005 Display Cards (22k PDF) List of the magnet patterns used by the 004 display
Using Cmds32 (PDF)
Goodies1 kit (includes Cmds32)
Using Cmds32 to automatically set cals, options and averages.
Monitoring T1 Status (PDF) (Toolkit) Tool and document for monitoring all the parameters the T1 outputs
The Ockam UDP broadcast (PDF)
The LANbridge interface (HTML) (PDF)
UDP broadcast monitor (1.6Mb SFX)
Describes the UDP broadcast which puts Ockam data on Ethernet.
Suggested tools for the occasional ET (PDF) Recommended tools

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