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The newsletter News, alerts and technical information on the Ockam system.
Troubleshooting (HTML) Guided flowchart for basic instrument troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting boatspeed (PDF) Detailed how-to for troubleshooting boatspeed.
Troubleshooting wind (PDF) Detailed how-to for troubleshooting apparent wind.
Forensic system troubleshooting (PDF) How to bring up an instrument system of unknown health.
Configuration (HTML) Describes how to use the Configuration output to determine which interfaces are missing.
NMEA distribution (PDF) Describes how NMEA data is distributed on the Ockam system.
Setting NMEA channel jumpers (PDF) Sometimes NMEA data doesnt show up when it should. This doc explains how to set jumpers in the 041 GPS, 050 RS232 and 042 NMEAtap so they're all on the same page.
OS4 help (432k Help file) Useful tool for looking up tags, configuration, error and command information
Resuscitating an ESP (PDF) How to get an ESP working again.
Monitoring cmds (ZIP)
T1 cmd monitoring (PDF)
Tools for monitoring commands from a PC. Use them if you are getting cal changes or other stuff and you don't know why.
Enumerate serial ports (ZIP) Tool for finding out what serial ports exist on your PC.
Mayapple home page (Link) Mayapple mechanical mast display home page (hookup & service)
Service bullitins
Matryx serice bulletin 1/5/07 (27k PDF) How to adjust contrast on the Matryx B7 rev display.
Disable serial mouse on NT
Disable serial mouse on XP
If the mouse jumps around when you start your PC with an Ockam system attached, this doc tells you how to disable serial mouse detection.
Airmar ultrasonic boatspeed manual (PDF) Information on how to set up an Airmar CS4500 with paddle backup.
How to install updates in the 001 (8/4/09 PDF) Procedure for installing firmware updates (EPROMS) in the 001 processor.

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