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Overview (HTML)
Automatic calibration (HTML)
Manual procedure (HTML)
Cal functions (HTML)
Overview of calibration theory and practice. Reviews the various methods that calibrations can be set on an Ockam system.
The Zen of Calibration (PDF) Social and organizational requirements for successful calibration and stable instruments.
Correcting wind direction turing a tack (PDF) T1 has a new option to help eliminate wind direction drag during a tack. This paper explains how to set it up.
Home page (HTML)
Presentation (PDF)
Download (SFX installer 6.4Mb)
DeWiggling more than 1 boat (PDF)
DeWiggler™ is a program and process for automating the calibration process.
Sensor correction on the T1 (PDF) How to create and use sensor correction tables on the T1
Using Cmds32 (PDF) OS4 utility that can issue any Ockam command. Useful to set cals and averages at startup, making them 'permanent'.
What is shear? (HTML)
How to determine shear (HTML)
The ShearOmometer (111k PDF)
Scholarly paper on shear (LINK)
Shear and gradient are ever present. Recognizing, understanding and determining it reduces uncertainty and improves your chances of winning.
T1AutoCal w/Graphic editing (PDF)
T1Autocal app w/sample (ZIP)
Autocal is for hi-tech boats where normal calibrations don't correct inputs adequately. It is not for the average instrument guy.

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