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System components Using the system
Installation Software & Firmware
Calibration Scholarly
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Planning & Execution
Isolated ground installations (PDF) Special considerations when installing on a boat with isolated ground.
Matryx & Magnum cutout (Full size - PDF 11x17) Full-size layout for the Matryx and Magnum.
T2 setup guide (21k PDF) Cookbook for setting up the T2
Magnum quick start guide (PDF) Cookbook for setting up the Magnum
Matryx quick start guide (PDF) Cookbook for setting up the Matryx
The Q interface (HTML)
The 099DM1 story (PDF)
The Q interface handles 1-off and specialized interface tasks.
Connecting Serial Ports (PDF) Describes the use of USB serial ports and which ones are best.
NMEA distribution (PDF) Discusses NMEA distribution on the Ockam system. Includes recommendations for setting up the interfaces involved.
Hints for Reducing RF Interference (PDF) Steps to take for reducing radio frequency interferrence.
Drawings (118k zip) Mechanical drawings of the displays and processors.
033H Teeter-Todter compass files (1.7M Zip) All the files needed to set up the Todter compass.
Unisyn Release Notes (28k PDF) Describes the changes to the latest version of the 001 processor.
Tag List (HTML) Full list of the ASCII codes and their use as identifiers in the Ockam system.
Autocal applet w/examples (ZIP)(Cal page) Application and example spreadsheet for doing autocals on an Ockam system.
OS4 Help file (HLP file) Handy item for looking up configuration, errors, etc.
Sensor correction on the T1 (PDF) How sensor correction tables are used on the T1.
T1 File Transfer Protocol (PDF) Describes the file transfer protocol used to up and download files to the T1.
Onboard networking
051L LANbridge (HTML) The LANbridge generates the UDP broadcast from any Ockam processor.
Setting up an onboard network (PDF) Describes Ethernet and the various components thereof. Includes do's and don'ts.
Install .NET framework (for Vysion setup) (LINK) Windows .NET is a prerequisite for Vysion setup tools.
IP scanner tool (ZIP file) Lets you see all the hosts on your network
VNC viewer (Setup file 647kB) VNC viewer which will become part of our PC-based components (like Vysion). This tool lets you access the underlying operating system for maintainance.
WireShark net monitor (Link) Handy tool for viewing all traffic on your your local Ethernet.
Hookup Diagrams
B&G 213 type mastheads (PDF) Maretron compass (PDF)
Airmar depth (PDF) Airmar PB100 Sonic Masthead (PDF)
Signet masthead (PDF) Airmar CS4500 Sonic Boatspeed (PDF)
Todter compass (PDF) Airmar CS4500 + paddle backup (PDF)

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