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OS4 manual (PDF)

NMEA distribution (PDF)

OckamSoft 4

OckamSoft 4 is a suite of onboard programs for instrument display and control.
  • Display applications include a racecourse, displays, stripcharts and a sailplan.
  • Eye is a wireless PDA application providing on the rail display, stripchart and system control.
  • vPort supplies NMEA data to applications that would normally expect their own serial connection to a GPS (see NMEA distribution).
  • NMEAxlt provides alternative input from any instrument system with NMEA output.
  • The OS4 driver provides complete control of the Ockam system, and serves Ockam data to multiple client applications. It also has Lynx keyfob controller reprogramming capability.
  • The OS4 goodie bag includes a collection of sample charts, applets, demos, source code, header files etc.
The OS4 driver is a server DLL allowing any number of other applications to share data and control the Ockam system. The Application Program Interface is published and sample code is provided.
Lynx reprogrammer - NEW

OS4 version 4.07 can display and reprogram your Lynx controllers.
Lynx controllers are receivers which can emit any Ockam system command when triggered by wireles 'keyfob' transmitters or hard buttons or both.

This component is part of the OS4 driver.

SailPlan- NEW

Unsure what to put up on the next leg? Near the limit on what you're flying now?
New with the version 4.06, SailPlan provides sail crossover data, course true wind angles and wind statistics to help you decide.
Build your sail database yourself or ask your sailmaker for his input.
Sail data can be edited graphically and exchanged with an Excel spreadsheet.

Race Course

A bird's eye view of the race course showing user selectable marks, laylines, wind and boatspeed vectors, polar, track, etc.
The Race Course can be overlaid on compatible digital charts.


A graphic history of instrument functions. You can setup 6 pages, each displaying as many as 4 functions - you determine the time periods graphed.

Stripcharts are an invaluable strategic tool on the racecourse and are often used for performance testing and evaluation.

Turns your screen, or a portion of it, into Ockam displays. You can have multiple display windows, each with from 1 to 6 displays.
The panes resize and rearrange themselves automatically, so the size of the display is merely a matter of resizing the window.


Turns your PocketPC into a wireless display and controller.
Read more about Eye

vPort- Now 2-way

Short on serial ports? Scary laptop wiring? Use this handy driver to shoehorn both Ockam and NMEA data into your PC thru a single serial port.
Inside, this OS4 component creates a virtual serial port that provides a complete NMEA feed, including boat data, to any application. 

No more bizarre splitter cable hacks, replugging or balky NMEA combiner boxes.

Read about how the Ockam System handles NMEA data.

vPort Hardware requirements
  • Windows XP or 2000 with ethernet or WiFi connection (will not work with '98, NT or Vista).
  • An instrument system sourcing NMEA data, i.e. one of the following
    • A Tryad system OR
    • A classic system with 041 GPS and grey RS232 interface (rev D or later) OR
    • A system inputting data thru the NMEAxlt application.

NMEA Translater

Sailing on a boat without Ockams? Use this little utility to run OckamSoft 4 from any NMEA data source.

B&G? GPS? RayMarine? Sure. Their performance may suck, but at least you'll know what's going on. AND the data shows up on the wireless Eye to boot.

EtherServer Driver

This module is 'Grand Central Station' for OckamSoft 4.

  • Ockam and NMEA data is saved in databases accessible from multiple client programs.
  • Ockam and NMEA data is exported to ethernet for use by Eye.
  • It creates log files.
  • It has a simulator to provide synthetic data for training.
  • Control functions include:
    • 10 calibrations.
    • Setting averages of 30 instrument functions.
    • Setting instrument parameters including units of measure, light level, mast height and 22 others.
    • Display control with automatic switching based on stopwatch and true wind angle.
  • Calculates and output 9 built-in functions (BIFs - Read more).
  • Sets the polar data that gets used by other components of OS4 and any other OS4-aware applications.
  • Maintains the variable database which names the instrument functions.
  • Provides a simple way to reprogram your Lynx controllers.

OS4 Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to upgrade my system? No. OS4 works with ANY Ockam system with an RS232 output.
It also works with any OTHER system that outputs NMEA-0183 data.
Including the wireless handheld 'Eye'.
How do I try out OS4? Download the package (below), install it and try it out. The software is the real thing, not a demo or trial version.
What's the catch? Each component of OS4 will run 5 minutes and then stop. This gives you time to evaluate and decide whether you wish to purchase that module.
Suppose I don't need all the pieces? That's fine. Only buy what you need. Each component has an a la carte price, and there's a lower price for the complete package. You can also purchase other pieces later when your needs change.
Suppose I want to buy a piece. How do I get the real software? You already have it. OS4 keys to the computer it runs on, and requires an 'Unlock code' to run normally.
How do I get this Unlock code?
Run the component and pick the Register function.
  • For Racecourse, stripchart and SailPlan, select the Help menu, then Register.
  • For NMEA translater and vPort, press the Register button.
  • For Display, click on the display area and press Register.

Communicate the program name, revision and uplink code along with your PC or PDA model and description, and your credit card number to Ockam to receive the Unlock code. Then enter the code in the text box to activate the application.

Your Ockam dealer can also install and register OS4 for you. Give him a call.

What if I can't get to a phone? You don't have to immediately enter the code. Just write the info down and give it to us at your convenience, say by email. Then, when you have the unlock codes, re-run the application and enter the code.
You may notice that the Uplink code changed, but not to worry. Merely enter the unlock code you got from us and the module will become registered.
How do I tell if it registered OK? A registered application will have the register function disabled. You can also select 'Help About...' to get the revision and registration state.
What if my PC or PDA dies. Do I have to buy unlock codes for the new machine? Of course not. Just let us know the situation. We'll figure something out.
However, note that Eye software requires a seperate unlock code for each PDA it runs on.
I'd like a second copy to play with at home or maybe have on the boat as a backup. Do I have to buy a second copy? There's a second copy price for this; see below.
Can I give a copy of OS4 to my buddies? Absolutely. Just check the web site to be sure you have the latest rev.
What about revs? How does that work? Just install the new version. The unlock codes and other parameters will still be there. No need to re-register.

OckamSoft 4 - List prices

System prices

Basic package - includes Racecourse, Display, Stripchart, Eye, vPort and NMEAxlt $950.00
Upgrade from OS3 $475.00
Second copy or replacement (to same owner) $250.00

Component prices

Racecourse $350.00
Display $150.00
Stripchart $150.00
Eye (Unlock code req'd for each PocketPC) $250.00
vPort (XP/2000 only) $150.00
NMEA translater $100.00


SailPlan with Excel macro spreadsheet for downloading $200.00

Purchase OckamSoft 4 at our online store.


Read the manual (PDF 716 Kb).

Download OS4 (rev 4.07 6/1/06) (SFX installer 11.3 Mb).

Goodies bag

Goodies distribution #1 (90 kb zip file). includes:

  • Cmds32, an applet for sending a command list to your instruments.
  • SeeCmd, an applet for viewing the commands being sent to your instruments.
  • The driver, BIF and Polar APIs.
  • Demo code for VB6 and Excel.
  • The complete Polar.dll source code (VC6).
Goodies distribution #2 (26 kb zip file). a VB6 speech-enabledsample application with source code.

You will know if you need this stuff.

Want your code listed here? Drop us a line.

Grant Dumas has created a web server application in VB6 that uses the UDP broadcast to push Ockam data to any device with a browser (nowadays, that's everything!).

Source code (ZIP file 7kb)

If you want to contact him, please send us a note, and we'll forward it to him.

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