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LynxTM is a programmable wireless remote controller for the Ockam system. Features include:

  • Reducing wiring complexity and weight by eliminating long runs of cable to the mast displays.
  • Convenient control of stopwatch, calibration and options - any command available to the system - from anywhere.
  • Each button can trigger up to 8 commands.
  • Receiver can also be wired with up to 4 hard buttons. Fobs do commands 1 thru 5; buttons do commands 5 thru 8.
  • Works with any Ockam system.
  • The keyfob can control OckamSoft applications;
    • Racecourse: switch legs and ping marks.
    • Log: Start and stop logging, and log markers.
  • You can have multiple transmitters per receiver.
  • Up to 16 receivers can be installed, giving a possible maximum 128 command sets of up to 8 Ockam functions each.

Any instrument command can be triggered by the 5 or 8 button handheld transmitters, or by up to 4 wired buttons, or both. Transmitter and receiver are coded, allowing multiple transmitters and receivers to be installed, and preventing crosstalk between boats.

By default, Lynx is set up to page mast displays and control the stopwatch. However, you can use the OS4 driver to reprogram your Lynx receiver(s) to output any command available in the Ockam system (to use OS4, your system must have an RS-232 interface connected to an Ockam system.). OS4 also includes a script tool that can upload a complete set of commands, like the supplied 'Lynx Presets.txt'.

Or, we can customize the receiver for you.

If you find Lynx too limiting, take a look at Eye, our wireless PDA solution. Both systems are compatible and can be used at the same time, but Eye doesn't have a limit of 5 or 8 commands per receiver.

10/09 - Introducing the metaLynxTM

The standard Lynx uses the command channel for communication. This makes it compatible with all Ockam systems. However, if the command channel is being heavily used (e.g. by Expedition), there is the possibility that commands from the Lynx and Expedition will interfere with each other. To alleviate this problem, the metaLynx uses the interface channel instead. This removes conflicts on the command channel. The metaLynx is currently only available on T1 systems.

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LynxTM pricing
058 Lynx controller - includes receiver, 5-button keyfob and configuration utility. $450.00
058B metaLynx controller. Not compatible with 001 processors $450.00
058K5 5-button keyfob (specify receiver serial number when ordering) $75.00
058K8 8-button hand controller (specify receiver serial number when ordering) $125.00
058RP Lynx receiver reprogramming (specify new command set) $25.00

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