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Portable system
Ockam offers a Tryad-based system-in-a-box for special situations such as temporary installations to gather sailing data where instrumentation is not ordinarily available. It is also suitable for
demos and regatta backup.

What it includes
  • A complete Tryad system core including a T1 processor, a T2 Multiplex interface and a Lynx keyfob remote.
  • One Matryx graphic multi-line display with pod.
  • • An 033TT solid-state 3-axis compass.
  • • An internal Lithium battery capable of operating the system for about 6 hr.
  • A detachable junction box for connecting 2 boatspeed paddles, 1 GPS input, 2 NMEA inputs, 1 NMEA output.
  • Connectors for Ockam bus, RS-232, external power and conventional analog masthead sensor.
  • A system manual and hookup guides.
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