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Q interfaces
Some interfaces can completely prepare a sensor reading for display; e.g. no othes variables are needed to correct it, and the quantity is not needed elsewhere within the system. The 066 Loadcell and 062 Trim interfaces, along with most custom interfaces (099 types) fall into this category.

The system has 16 unique Q interface slots numbered 0,1,2…8,9,A,B,C,D,E and F. On any system, no two Q interface should be set to the same slot, or neither one will work because of mutual interference. The slot is usually set by a rotary switch on the interface (although some might have fixed hard-coded slots because of hardware limitations).

Many (but not all) Q interfaces also use the slot switch to select their output tag. This allows a system to have more than one of the same interface, each set to its own slot and tag. The 066 Loadcell and 062 Trim interfaces (and several customs) use a standard map from slot to tag (see table). The actual tag is described in the interface documentation and usually on the interface itself.

Interfaces that use the Q protocol
  • T2 interface when outputting the following:
    • Loadcell (uses slot 0, tag "M")
    • Sea Temperature (uses slot 4, tag "G")
  • 066 Loadcell Interface (slot set by rotary switch, std. tag set)
  • 067 Loadcell Processor (slot set by rotary switch, std. tag set)
  • 069 Displacement Interface (slot set by rotary switch. Tag set is "MmNnYy%123456789").
Slot Std. tag Normal usage
0 "M" 066 Loadcell & T2
1 "m"
2 "N" T2
3 "n"
4 "0" T2: sea temp. on tag "G"
5 "1"
6 "2"
7 "3"
8 "4"
9 "5"
A "6"
B "7"
C "8"
D "9"
E "%"
F "&"
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