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LogScanner GeoGon

GeoGons1What is a GeoGon?

One of the more exotic features of LogScanner is the GeoGon™. They are geographic polygons which you place in locations where you want to get wind and current information relative to non-GeoGon areas.

In the image, there are 3 GeoGons.

  • The blue one is placed over the peninsula so wind and current near the point can be compared to wind and current elsewhere.
  • The red and green GeoGons have been placed on the windward leg of the log to help determine if going left is better than going right. LogScanner has recently added the ‘LRgon’ feature that creates left/right GeoGons for each leg of your log files. Learn more…

GeoGonVisits1Here is a comparison of true wind speed between the port and stbd GeoGons on Sept 6 2014. The speed is about the same (12 knots), but the wind seems to increase in the port GeoGon and decrease in the stbd.

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