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LogScanner Laylines

Bad Layline Calls from LogScannerWhat LogScanner tells you about laylines

Here is a LogScanner chart close-up of .a race with 2 windward legs. The leg the boat is on shows 5 (!) tacks in the last 5 minutes. The other leg shows 3 tacks in the last 4 minutes. Both legs show a couple of minutes of pinching (the red under-par track line – see LogScanner Race Analysis), followed by a couple of short tacks.

It doesn’t look like the crew understands the importance of correctly calling laylines, or they wouldn’t have made the same mistake twice.

The tack losses on the first leg averaged about 50 feet, so the unnecessary extra loss due to incorrectly calling the layline was 4 times 50, or 200 feet, plus the time loss (about 4 minutes). And both legs have the issue of short-tacking amongst the enemy and rounding the mark under speed..

LogScanner doesn’t include this loss in performance because it isn’t smart enough. However, it should be obvious to you that the crew doesn’t call laylines correctly. Big time.

OS5 includes several features to aid in correctly calling laylines.

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