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is a remote coach expert application run by the folks at Ockam. It specializes in remote diagnosis of your instrument system. You are free to make use of this service without charge, as long as you don’t abuse it.

Getting started

  1. To use Tshooter, you will need to have installed the OS5 driver which includes the Remote Coach code. You can download the OS5 driver from here.
  2. Get your boat connected to the Internet. There is a detailed white paper on the subject here.
  3. Start OS5 driver and pick the ‘Remote Coach’ tab. If you have a connection to the Remote Coach server, you should see ‘Connected to server’.
  4. Pick the Experts tab, select Tshooter, and press connect.

First visit:

TShooterBefore you can use any Remote Coach expert, you will need to register with the Remote Coach server. To do this:

  1. Pick the Identity tab and fill in your boat info. These items will be used to establish your ID for future visits.
  2. Pick the Experts tab, select Registrar, and press connect. Your ID will be created in the RC database, after which you can select other experts as needed.
Clientele: Everybody
Capabilities: Diagnosing instrument systems
Downloading log files for analysis
Fees No charge

Read more about Remote Coach

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