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If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. A thorough characterization of the boat’s performance is responsible for Dolphin’s success. We’ve stayed competitive for the last 20 years by continually refining everything: our technique, deck layout, tuning, sail design, and sail trim. Collecting higher quality data has allowed us to make higher quality decisions and focus our limited resources for maximum benefit.

Accurate, real-time information is provided in a layered fashion to crew members, based upon their function. Here-and-now information is provided to the driver and trimmers to validate the feedback provided by the boat, keeping him focused upon managing boat speed. Tactical and strategic information is delivered to the brain trust without distracting the boat speed masters.

Knowledge and teamwork are necessary, but not sufficient, to win races. The development, execution, and evaluation of race-winning strategy also requires an outstanding measurement system, like Ockam, to enable performance characterization, timely feedback, and the synthesis of complex data into usable information.

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  • Crew organization
  • Strategic sailing procedures


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