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Buying Ockams

Ockam Instruments are available through a variety of channels. Choosing the appropriate channel depends on the customer’s requirements.

We are happy to sell directly to customers, either through our web store, or direct from the factory. However, direct sales are best suited to those who know exactly what they need or those who will be performing the installation themselves. We do not provide installation services but will be happy to consult with you on your system specifications.

Our dealers are happy to assist customers in selecting the correct Ockam Instruments package for their boat. They also provide installation services and a personal contact for after-sales support. In addition, many of our dealers also sell and install other marine electronics lines, so they can provide a complete electronics suite for your boat. They usually have the necessary insight and experience for successful integration of multiple electronics items into a cohesive and easy-to-use system.

Ockam can also provide a variety of replacement parts for your instrument system. You can contact us directly for parts, or ask your local dealer to arrange shipment of the correct parts.

Buying Ockams

Ockam Web Store

Sales & Service: Dan Chesson,, +1 203-877-7453 x1001

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