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Selecting graphical displays

Ockam Instruments EyeApp Sailboat Racing Software running on an iPadThings to consider when selecting graphical displays

Graphical displays provide a complete solution for determining your current situation at a glance (see Graphical Displays). There are many ways to display graphics, varying widely in features and cost.

Smartphones and tablets

These devices are inexpensive ($ hundreds), have good color graphic capability and connect wirelessly to the Ockam system. They have some disadvantages though.

  • Not waterproof or rugged
  • Not daylight readable
  • Handheld rather than mounted

Nevertheless, if you can accept these limitations, they are the first choice.

Here’s how to get your mobie connected to Ockam.


There are many toughbook-type tablets and PCs available ($ 1000+) which also communicate wirelessly. Their advantages relative to smartphones are;

  • Waterproof and rugged
  • More daylight readable than phones, although not knock-your-eyes-out.
  • They’re still handheld though

Search for toughbooks…

LISradar300hMarine monitor based displays

The full solution (at the moment) is a marine monitor or marine PC. The Vysion display is one of these. The good news is that they are rugged, daylight readable and can be mounted. The bad news is that they are quite expensive ($5000+) and require a lot of power to overcome sunlight.

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