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Ockam System Essential

T101BaseSystemEssential System – $6900

The Essential Ockam system provides the information you need to win.

Core components

Ockam T101 Processor. Provides calculations, logging and display outputs. $4995
Actisense NGT-1 NMEA 2000 sensor bus provides sensor connectivity. $170
Airmar ST850-N2K Paddle and thru hull. Provides sea temperature and boatspeed, necessary for performance monitoring, true wind and current (learn why paddles are necessary). $205
Maretron WSO100 masthead sensor. Provides apparent wind, air temperature and barometric pressure. $625
Airmar GH2183 compass + GPS. Provides heading, pitch, roll, position and COG/SOG. $725
NMEA 2000 cables, tees and terminators (depends on boat size & layout) $180

Display options

There are many ways to display T101 output. Any or all of these options can be employed at the same time.

Onboard software – $0

The T101 produces Ethernet/WiFi output which can be used by most onboard software, e.g. OckamSoft 5 & Expedition. Data is distributed via an onboard network. Learn more…

TackTick driver (numbers) – $300 + TackTick T122

With the addition of the T101 TackTick output option and a T122 wireless interface, TackTick displays can be driven by the T101.

T101 EyeApp option – $495

By adding the T101 EyeApp output option, graphical display can be had on any device with a web browser.

Ockam bus driver (numbers & stripcharts) – $795

This add-on hardware drives an Ockam bus, providing signals and power for Matryx and Magnum displays.

Vysion display – $1200 + Monitor

The T101 Vysion output option provides video output for driving a marine monitor.


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