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T101 Processor

T101 – The next generation of Ockam System processors

T101The T101 processor provides integration of Ockam’s sailing solution with the next generation of sensors, networking and graphical display possibilities to provide a compact affordable solution for the needs of successful sailboat racing.

At the core of this system is the evolution from numeric readouts to color graphic displays which provides much more complete information at a glance than is possible by the interpretation of numbers. Learn more…

Base price – $4995


Size 8.27″ x 4.9″ x 2.17″ Serial ports 4
Weight 3.15 Lb USB ports 2
Power 12VDC 30 Watts  Memory 2Gb
Inputs NMEA-2000 (via Actisense NGT), NMEA-0183, Ockam serial, B&G NMEA  Outputs UDP broadcast, TCP Hook, Serial Ockam, Optional TackTick


High voltage option

Allows the DC input power to range between 6 and 35 volts DC. Must be ordered at the time of purchase.


Anti-vibration mounting plate


EyeApp web server

Enables the EyeApp web server to source OS5 style pages onto any device with a web browser.


Vysion video source

Enables VGA output of OS5 style pages to a customer-supplied monitor.


Ockam bus driver

An add-on device that generates an Ockam bus output to drive Ockam displays.


TackTick display driver

Enables one of the serial ports to output proprietary NMEA sentences suited for driving the TackTick T122 wireless interface.




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