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OckamSoft 5 Videos

OckamSoft 5 training videos


RaceCam1_FirstSlideLogScanner RaceCam

LogScanner is a post-race analysis tool that works with almost any instrument system. An important feature is its ability to synchronize videos with the log, letting you find out more about what caused any mistakes you find.

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OculusStart_First_FrameThe Oculus start

The Starting Oculus is a graphic that lets you know if you are going to be late at the gun.

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Dogleg Start
The Dogleg start

The dogleg starting strategy involves running parallel to the starting line to build up a head of steam and turning up just in time to cross at zero. You can have enough speed to pop out of the crowd into clear air and room to get onto the favored tack.

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Exploiting Wind Shifts
Exploiting wind shifts

Wind shifts are more important to winning than new sails or a sanded hull. This presentation discusses why this is so, and how to get the most out of wind shifts.

Doing The Wally
Doing the Wally

The Wally is a technique for gaining advantage of wind shifts when it you can’t or shouldn’t tack. When should you not tack?

See Break-even Tacking.

Race Page
Features of the Race page

The OS5 Race page provides situational awareness. Get instant layline, wind, current and shift information at a glance.


Building SailPlan
Building SailPlan

OS5 includes a sail crossover chart that is useful during a race to anticipate and manage sail changes. This presentation will show you how to create a new sail in SailPlan™.

Placing marks in OS5

This presentation shows how to do mark placement and maintenance in OS5.

Setting a Course
Setting up a course

This presentation shows how to create courses in OS5.


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