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Expedition tips and tricks

Expedition logoThis page discusses Expedition tips and tricks, or how to use some of the features of Expedition to interact with and receive enhanced data the Ockam system.

Nick White has been involved in weather routing, yacht instrumentation and software since the 1993/4 Whitbread race, and began Explorer/Expedition development in 1995. Read more of the history of Expedition.

How to set up Expedition

Expedition download page

Outputting an expedition function to your Ockam system

ExpfuncButton Instruments/Ockam/Mappings. In the Exp Channel column, select the function on the User number row desired. For example, on the User 0 row, select Mark bearing, and expedition outputs mark bearing on user 0.

 Outputting an alternating set of functions to your Ockam System

  1. ExpfuncButton Instruments/Ockam/Alternating. In the Alternating row (remember which), set functions into the Timer 1 and Timer 2 columns.
  2. Go to the Mappings tab, and select Alternating (the number you filled in).


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