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Ockam U

Ockam U

Vmc Win-Lose Sones

Win-lose zones for Vmc sailing

Ockam U is a seminar series that explains how to use any true-wind instruments to win races. Some of the principles can also be applied to any kind of sailing, including dinghys. The course will teach you how to:

  • Use your senses better to steer a boat faster.
  • Improve teamwork between the helmsman and the sail trimmers by using target boatspeed.
  • Employ the target boatspeed concept downwind to select the best sailing angle.
  • Judge the right moment to shoot the finish line.
  • Select the fastest course to sail upwind and downwind in an oscillating breeze (The Wally).
  • Minimize your losses when you have to sail on the headed tack upwind.
  • Recognize the signs of wind sheer and gradient and adjust your sailing technique accordingly.
  • Apply your new knowledge of wind shear to predict wind shifts with 90% accuracy.
  • Choose the best course to win a long distance race by using VMC sailing.

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The Ockam U Seminar Series

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Classic Ockam U

This seminar explains

  • True wind speed, angle and direction and why they’re so important.
  • What polars are.
  • What Vmg is and why you shouldn’t steer by it.
  • What target speed is and how it produces optimal windward and leeward performance.
  • The Wally, which is a way to squeeze performance out of wind shifts when you can’t tack.
  • The idea of wind shear and gradient, and how it can predict the future.
  • Vmc sailing, a way to get to the mark faster when there’s a long way to go.

Learn more; An online excerpt

How to buy the Ockam U manual

Order the complete manual for $28 plus shipping.
Fill out the order form and Email us or Fax to (203)878-0572. Or phone (203)877-7453.
Or visit our web store and order it online.
Or get the eBook version from the Google bookstore.

The Science of Optimization

 This seminar explains

  • How races are lost, not won.
  • How to organize your tasks prior to and during the event
  • Race day strategies based on weather patterns.
  • Why calibration is important.
  • Tacking
    • Cost vs. benefit.
    • How to improve your tacks.
    • When to and when not to tack and why.
  • The Wally and how it helps when you shouldn’t tack

If you are interested in scheduling a seminar in your area, please contact us.

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