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Sailing System Components for Ockam Systems

Sailing System Components for Ockam instrument systems

The following represents the sailing system components in a typical Ockam System Layout.

Sailing System Components

What it does

Sailing System Components in an Ockam sailing system take in sensor readings, calculates new outputs from them and displays these new data items on displays.

Ockam system overview - data

Many more functions become available as sensors are added. See Instrument Functions.


Sensors provide the environmental parameters upon which instrument functions are based.

  • Boatspeed. This important sensor provides water referenced boatspeed. It is required for accurate performance monitoring and current calculation. If this sensor is not installed you will not be able to calculate current (see Why paddles?).
  • Wind. Provides apparent wind angle and speed which, in combination with boatspeed produces true wind angle and speed.
  • Compass. In combination with boatspeed and wind, provides true wind direction and speed, the most important functions your instrument system can provide (see Importance of true wind). It is also required for current calculation and important for accurate performance monitoring.
  • Position (GPS). This provides earth location (for charting), magnetic variation and course and speed over ground (COG/SOG) which is required for current calculation.


Displays convey the output functions to the user. Displays can be numeric and/or graphical. The Ockam system has evolved to a graphical display system to increase situational awareness, although numeric displays are supported as well.

EyeApp™ is a web server that wirelessly serves up graphical pages to any device with a browser. Including iPads.


Network(s) provide communication between the various system components. Some systems require every piece of the system to connect to the processor (i.e. no network). However, this is changing. Ockam is migrating its network to Ethernet and WiFi.

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