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OckamSoft 5 Download

OckamSoft 5 Download page


OS5.2 new features (411Kb PDF) Loading charts (474Kb PDF)
OS5 Quick start (1,3Mb PDF) Marks and courses (23Kb PDF)
OckamSoft 5 manual (1.3Mb PDF) SailPlan™ crossover chart explained (282Kb PDF)
OS5driver manual (165Kb PDF) Building your own SailPlan crossover chart (1.7Mb PDF)
OS5 pages (1.3Mb PDF) Application registration (21Kb PDF)
EyeApp mobile app manual (254Kb PDF) Presentation (PDF 585Kb) (PPT 760Kb)

Components of OS5

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OckamSoft 5 is a single windows installer file containing everything. When you install OS5, all the applications and data are installed, and you can try them all out as demos. For the main (registered) applications you will need to get license(s). Licenses do not all have to be obtained at the same time.

A typical installation procedure;

  • Download and install OS5
  • Read the Quick Start PDF to determine how to set up OS5.
  • Test the various applications you are interested in. Registered apps will fully run for 5 minutes.
  • Contact Ockam and request your license(s). They can be delivered by email or over the internet.

Main OS5 Applications

These are registered applications that work in demo mode until you obtain a license to use them for real. See Registration for details.

OS5 Race The primary display for OS5, optimized for PCs.
EyeApp™ The mobile app for OS5.
Chart browser Downloads charts from the internet.
Log scanner The log viewer with tack analysis capability.
SailPlan™ crossover chart editor The SailPlan™ editor
AcalAdjust The AutoCal table editor

Support OS5 Applications

Driver Generates or accepts instrument data, synchronizes between other OS5 components and does the logging.
OS5Starter Desktop widget to simplify startup.
UDPmon Tool for observing and testing the UDP broadcast.
WebItems Web browser and page editor for adding web pages to Race.
Polar Ops Polar viewer and editor.


OckamSoft 5 consists of 6 registered main applications and several free support applications. Registered applications will operate in demonstration mode for a certain period, giving you an opportunity to determine if you want to use them for real.

OS5Race – display application for PCs $1295.00
2nd machine or replacement (to same owner) $500.00
Upgrade from OS4 $475.00
EyeApp – display application for mobile devices $495.00
2nd machine or replacement (to same owner) $200.00
Extra boat keys $25.00
Chart browser – offline chart harvesting tool $295.00
SPedit – SailPlan crossover chart editor $195.00
LogScanner – graphical viewer for log files $495.00
AcalAdjust – AutoCal editor $195.00

Before you install OS5:

If you are unsure of the status of your computer’s .NET framework, or are having trouble installing OS5, we recommend following these links (in order) to install the correct versions of the framework (versions 3.5 and 4 full packages),.

.NET 3.5 SP1 framework install

.NET 4 framework install

Note: Windows 7 steals port 5005 (OS5’s default UDP broadcast port) for media streaming services.

Download OS5 (rev C305 7/29/14) (Windows MSI installer 16 Mb).


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