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Vysion color graphic display

The Vysion color graphic display

Vysion color graphic displayFeatures

Vysion™ is the next generation of graphic displays for instrument systems. It is a processor system designed to drive commercially available marine graphic monitors. By separating the display generator from the monitor, the choice of monitor size, features and ruggedness is no longer fixed.

The Vysion display can show any of the Graphic Display Pages.

  • Sunlight readable color graphic display.
  • Any size monitor can be specified, allowing number sizes as large as necessary or desired.
  • Portrait or landscape mode.
  • Numeric screens can display from 1 to 10 items and are color coded by function to help quickly identify particular items..
  • Day and night palettes.
  • Suitable for mast or helm.
  • Can display bitmaps from onboard PC or pulled down directly from the internet.
  • Automatic page switching can be set up on PC software or via T1 script.
  • When a touch screen is specified (e.g. for helm use), several specialized screens such as starting line and man-overboard become controllable.

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