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EyeApp mobile display

EyeApp; the portable wireless full color graphic racing display

Ockam Instruments EyeApp Sailboat Racing Software running on an iPad

The EyeApp mobile display provides graphical sailing displays to any device anywhere that has a web browser. The available pages include most of the pages available on Race and Vysion.

See Sailing graphical pages.

EyeApp mobile display features

  • Staring line and Racecourse
  • Seamless Chart with AIS
  • SailPlan live sail crossover chart
  • Live polar with targets, Wallys and VMC targets
  • Numeric pages
  • Optional controlled access to your displays from anybody anywhere in the world.


QR-ockam-com-os5-eyeappdemo-htmlEyeApp demo

Click on the image or use a QR decoder and your camera for a demonstration of EyeApp.

How it works

EyeApp runs a web server on your local PC that puts up web pages containing OS5 data. Any device browser with access can display these pages, and if allowed, can control the instrument system.



  • An Ockam instrument system with serial port or LANbridge. Optionally, a NMEA-0183 feed over serial from any instrument system may be used.
  • An onboard PC with Ethernet to run EyeApp (the server) and the OS5 driver.
  • An onboard Ethernet network with wireless router. For details, refer to Setting up an Onboard Network.
  • Wired or wireless device(s) with a web browser.

See for more information about EyeApp™.

See for information on setting up your EyeApp™.

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