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Sailing instruments win races

Sailing Instruments are more valuable than new sails

Sailing instruments win racesSailing instruments that provide true wind and current are an important advantage for racing; more valuable than new sails. Not having true wind and current means you race with your hands tied behind your back. For example;

Detecting and acting on a 5º wind shift that your competition doesn’t is worth 100 seconds/mile

You need sailing instruments to be on top of true wind and its antics. Wind direction lets you see even small wind shifts so you can get onto the lifted tack, get onto the favored side of the fleet and call laylines perfectly. And an accurate solution gives you confidence in the readings.
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Half a knot of current gains or costs you 50 seconds/mile

Current is a big player for sailboats. Most sailing instruments don’t calculate this important value, so it’s up to the navigator. Providing he has the time and knowledge. If you know which way the current is flowing, you can tack to avoid or take advantage of it.

GPS-based instruments cannot give you current; you need both GPS and paddle/compass inputs.
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Improve your starting

The best starts occur when the helmsman knows pretty well when he will arrive at the starting line, and which end is favored. GPS-based instruments only do half the job. You need wind information and a polar as well.
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Determine your situation at a glance – no number groking needed

Ockam provides comprehensive graphical displays that give you your situation at a glance. No need to write down numbers and figuring out what they mean.
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Accurately call laylines

Overstanding the mark is bad, but not as bad as having to short tack amongst your enemies. Instruments provide certainty about where the laylines are.
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Take advantage of target speed

Target speed coordinates the action of helmsman and trimmer and gets the boat in the groove much faster. It also provides a good check on whether or not the boat is performing well.
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Predict next leg apparent for precise sail selection and setup

SailPlan™ live crossover chart predicts the wind on the next leg allows selection of the correct sail and makes setting up for rounding much more precise.
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Improve performance through training

Crew training is important. Taking data and notes improves training efficiency
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 Analyze your races to find out how to improve

OckamSoft includes LogScanner™ which is a post-race analysis tool that finds where you can improve your performance, and also includes the ability to synchronize videos with the log file so you can observe how screw-ups happened.
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