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It’s been a very long time…

… since I’ve updated this blog. The recent economic unpleasantness certainly had an effect on the yachting industry, with some big names going out of business or changing in dramatic fashion. Ockam Instruments is still here, producing some interesting products.

We have produced a new version of OckamSoft, called OckamSoft 5. Its development derived from the Vysion processor, so it shares many of the same features. Much improved in this version are the RaceCourse and networking portions of the program. There is also a more modern user interface, matching the look and feel of Windows Vista and 7 programs. See the program on the OckamSoft 5 web page.

All previous registered owners of OckamSoft 4 are eligible for the special upgrade pricing. You must have a copy registered with us to receive the discounted price.

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