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Vysion demo program

The Vysion displays are up and running on a few boats now, and all who have used them are quite happy. They are highly visible, can be almost infinitely customized, and have several features not found on any other display.

We now have a demo program available that can be run on any PC. It requires a source of Ockam data to run properly. If you have the OckamSoft 4.07 driver installed on the PC, you can place it in simulator mode, and the Vysion program will read the data. It can also read live data that is pitched over UDP broadcast from an Ockam system (like from a 051L LANBridge or the OckamSoft driver).

The demo program requires registration, which uses the usual Ockam unlock key exchange. The operating time is limited, but is variable and determined by us when the registration key is issued. Typical allowances have been in the range of 2 weeks.

Write to me, Dan Chesson, at the “repairs” email address to obtain a link to download the demo application.

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