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NeoPolarANeoPolar ™ is the next generation of Polar functionality (What are Polars?).

Polars are created by modeling your boat and sails and solving for the correct boatspeed versus true wind. In the 30 years since they were invented (at MIT), CFD modeling has come a long way. Unfortunately, the original polar format is static and therefore cannot adapt. NeoPolars include embedded intelligence that makes them orders of magnitude smarter than classical polars.

Do yourself a favor; take the Blue Pill.

Standard features:

  • Calibration.
  • Adjustment for wind shear and gradient.
  • Routing mode polar output.
  • Vmc angle output.
  • When used with an Ockam system, outputs your Wally numbers.

Advanced features:

  • White sail mode.
  • Tacking crack-off display.
  • Sea state correction.

How it works

Your onboard software needs to have the NeoPolar function installed. Then your NeoPolar data file provides the software with the answers you need.

NeoPolar functions (this is for us geeks; it will NOT be in the real page)

  • public NeoPolar()
  • public NeoPolar(string datapath)
  • public void OpenPolar(string polarfile)
  • public bool Valid { get { return neoData != null; } }
  • public string Status { get; private set; }
  • public string Title { get { if (neoData == null) return “n/a”; return neoData.Title; } }
  • public string Description { get { if (neoData == null) return “n/a”; return neoData.Description; } }
  • public DateTime CreateDate { get { if (neoData == null) return new DateTime(); return neoData.CreateDate; } }
  • public double Scale { get; set; }
  • public double PolarSpeed(double vt, double bt)
  • public double RoutingPolarSpeed(double vt, double bt)
  • public double UpwindTargSpeed(double vt)
  • public double UpwindTargAngle(double vt)
  • public double DownwindTargSpeed(double vt)
  • public double DownwindTargAngle(double vt)
  • public double VMCAngle(double vt, double BtRhumb)


 How to get a NeoPolar:




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