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Broken Glass

Every once and a while, I get a Matryx display with a broken lens. It usually happens when someone puts a knee into the glass to brace themselves while pulling on a winch. I’ve even done it. The way I figure, each crew member will only do it once, but it’s still a hassle when it happens. There’s a few options on how to handle it:

Put the displays where this won’t happen. Depending on the boat, it might not be an option due to limited space.
Make the crew member(s) in that position aware of what they can do with their knee if they’re not careful.
Carry a spare Matryx lens to replace a broken one. We will gladly provide one if asked.
Call Jeff Udell at Custom Offshore about the plexiglass overlay we helped him develop. It’s basically a piece of clear plastic that attaches to the Matryx and covers the glass, but allows access to the buttons.

If the lens does get broken, remember that the unit is no longer waterproof! I’ve received more than a few Matryx displays with unrepairable water damage because nobody took steps to secure the display after it was broken. The simplest thing to do is to cover the glass with tape to keep out the water. You can also remove the display, but this usually leaves a big hole in the boat (unless you’re fortunate enough to have a spare display).

In a lot of cases, the LCD module is fine, but may have a few surface scratches. It’s usually pretty obvious when there’s a problem requiring replacement. When you send the display back in for repair, we take a good look at the LCD and replace it if required.

So, that’s all for now. If anyone has a suggestion on what they would like covered here, email me at ——–. I appreciate comments about the blog color, but that doesn’t give me much to write about!

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